8 - Albert “Bert” Joseph Pelletier (1882 - 1974)

Albert Joseph and his family
(Courtesy of Juliet Stephenson)

Parents: Gaspard Eugène Pelletier - Mary Dean

Born: 6 Dec 1882 - Chicago, IL
Died: Nov 1974 - Sylmar Neighborhood, Los Angeles, CA

Married: 6 Sep 1911 - Superior, WI
Spouse: Marianne Louise Hertlein (24 Aug 1888 - Dec 25, 1967)

Albert Joseph (Al), Jr. (1914 - 1999)
Frederick Hertlein (1916 - 2006)
John Arthur (1920 - 1966)
Margaret Louise (1921 - )

The following was submitted by Dallyn Duggan, one of Albert's relatives:

The Hertlein house was a gathering place for young people. Conrad Hertlein's good friends were Albert Joseph (Bert) Pelletier and Charles Lindsay. Every Saturday night, these three and some other friends met at the Hertlein home to sing. Conrad's little sister, Marianne Louise (Louise) Hertlein, was allowed to attend because she could play the piano. So every Saturday night, Louise would play and everyone else would sing. After a time, the others got friendly. Saturday night gatherings became Bert, Louise, and two couples. One night Bert said to Louise, “They all got hooked up, why don't we?” Obviously, they did hook up.

The three fast friends, Conrad Hertlein, Bert Pelletier, and Charles Lindsay eventually became brother-in-laws. Bert and Louise were married on 06 Sep 1911 in St Francis Xavier Catholic Church of Superior, WI. Charles Lindsay married another of Conrad's sisters, Margaret Cecelia (Maude) Hertlein on 07 Jan 1913. After Louise and Maude were married, they moved into houses that were right next door to each other & remained very close.