L'Association des familles Pelletier - Pelletier Family Association

L'Association des familles Pelletier is a member of the Fédération des familles-souches québécoises inc and as such the Pelletier family is recognized by the Québec Ministry of Cultural Affairs as one of the root families of Québec.

The Association was incorporated in Québec as a non-profit corporation on November 19, 1986, and its bylaws were accepted by a general assembly of the members on September 13, 1987.

The Association publication, La Pelleterie, is the source for most of the data in this genealogy.

The French version of the web-sie can be found at: L'Association des familles Pelletier

The Association has recently revamped its Pelletier Association web-site to include complete English language coverage. Click on the link below to visit the English version of that site. You will be able to see what activities and publications the Association has to offer. The website also has a Forum where queries can be posted in either French or English.

Pelletier Family Association
C.P. 6700
Sillery, QC, Canada G1T 2W2