11 - Carol Virginia Pelletier (1939 - )

Parents: Lawrence Pelletier - Isabelle Mae Connors

Born: 13 Oct 1939 - St-Francis, ME

Married: 2 Apr 1964 - St-Francis, ME
Spouse: Clarence J. "Kay" Pelletier (6 Aug 1938 - 25 Sep 1992)

Susan Kay (1965 - )
Laurie Belle (1967 - )
Robert Dale (1969 - )
Ryan Dan (1977 - )


Photo taken on Ryan and Liza(Caron) Pelletier's Wedding Day, 7 July 2000
Left to right: Danny & Susan(Pelletier) Dubay, Krista L. Dubay and Tyson D. Dubay, Ryan & Liza, Carol V. Pelletier,
Robert D. Pelletier, Laurie(Pelletier) & Paul Lozier, Jared P. Lozier and Kaye P. Lozier

The following was submitted by Carol Virginia in memory of her husband, Clarence "Kay":

Clarence attended grammar school in Allagash, Maine and graduated from Fort Kent Community High School in 1957.

He was a US Army veteran and a member of the Connors-Jandreau American Legion Post of St.Francis, ME.

He was a woodsman and outdoors person.

He drove logging trucks for many years, then became a logging contractor for Great Northern Paper Co. Working in Allagash, Maine, Big Brook Area and then in Portage Lake Area. He also operated a delimber machine for Hubert Perreault Logging.

Clarence enjoyed fishing, hunting and sitting on his front porch in the evenings with family, friends and his dog "Skoal".

Clarence was a very patient person with a great sense of humor and loved to talk and tell stories of the past. He loved his children and one of the greatest joys of his life was his grand daughter, Krista Lee, whom he would go see many times during a day.

Clarence died on 25 Sept. 1992 at his home in St. Francis, ME from cancer. He is buried in the St. Paul Congregational Cemetery, St. Francis, ME.