Gallardon City Hall

Walking around the City Hall area and then viewing old pictures of the village, it was obvious that little had changed on the old buildings around the City Hall in the last hundred years. The only changes now, seem to be the lack of window shutters and having a fresh coat of paint on the City Hall.

City Hall and Post Office - 1900 Gallardon City Hall - 1999
City Hall (left) and Post Office (right) - 1900
City Hall - 1999

We visited the City Hall to go through the old records for births, marriages, deaths, etc. looking for any entries for Pelletier/Peltier. We were astounded when Miss Florine Perry brought us books dating back to the 16th and 17th century.

Miss Perry was able to spend some time with us on the first day getting us started and helping us to translate. Since Nicolas Pelletier left Gallardon in 1636, we spent our time reviewing the entries from that time and on back into the 16th century. Due to the age of the entries, the ink and the paper, some of the entries were very difficult to decipher.

I tried to photograph as many of the Pelletier/Peltier entries dating from 1600 to 1636 for translation at a later date. Copies of the photographs are being made available to the Association Des Familles Pelletier Inc. in Sillery, Canada for translation by some of their members. Hopefully, additional information on other entries during the 1500s will be provided by Mademoiselle Perry at a later date. We never expected such a wealth of records.

Almost seems unbelievable that books from that long ago could still exist and even more unbelievable that we were allowed to go through them without restrictions.

Bill, the mayor and Miss Perry Example of Gallardon City Hall document
Bill, Mr. Beaufils (the Mayor), and Miss Florine Perry
Example of Gallardon City Hall document