10 - Henri Pelletier (1915 - 1994)

Photo circa 1987-1988 courtesy of their son, Florent Pelletier

Parents: Hubald (François-Ubald) Pelletier - Angélique Roussel

Born: 9 Dec 1915
Died: 31 Mar 1994

Married: 2 Jul 1946 - St-Quentin, NB, Canada
Spouse: Alice Rousseau (15 Jan 1917 - )

Gérard (1948-)
Henriette (1949- )
Monette (1950- )
Françoise (1951- )
Ronald (1953- )
Florent(1953- )

Top: Françoise, Monette, Henriette, Gérard, Ronald, Florent
Bottom: Their parents: Alice (Rousseau) and Henri Pelletier
1980 photo courtesy of Florent Pelletier

Florent Pelletier has submitted the following about his mother Alice and her family:


Anna Sirois and Leon Rousseau
Photo circa 1912-1915 courtesy of Florent Pelletier

LEON ROUSSEAU was the son of THEOPHILE ROUSSEAU.  LEON had a brother named ARTHUR and a sister at Sherbrooke Quebec convent by the religious name of SISTER THEOPHILA. LEON died at young age of 43 from a farm accident.
 LEON ROUSSEAU and ANNA SIROIS's Children include:
Lucienne, Donalda, Alice (my mother), Victorienne, Blanche, Therese, Jean, and Adrien.
DONALDA became a nun at a young age and took the name of her younger brother and was named SISTER ADRIEN of the son Jesus in the religious order “Daughters of Wisdom”. She spent her religious life in Red Deer Alberta and other Alberta Communities.