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La Cristerie no longer open for visits 

I received the folowing message on 26 Aug 2009, from Louise Racine:

"I visited the Pelletier ancestral home in Bresolettes last week while on a holiday in France. Though I was unable to make contact with the mayor prior to my departure, I had read that Jacqueline had moved and so I was expecting to see the house vacant. We arrived to find a young family is living there. The woman was gracious though she made it clear that she was not able to continue to welcome visitors into her home. I gather members of the Pelletier clan come by frequently... she intends to post a webpage to that effect once she gets internet"

Attention Canadians

Linda Pelletier recently submitted a link to a Canadian site called Canada 150

This site claims to be Canada's National Project to Record our Family and Community Histories"

The site now has both English and French versions...

Recent and not-so Recent, but interesting, Stuff:

16 May 2011 - Lilly Martin submitted data on Paul Peltier and his descendants from the Minnesota area... Thanks Lilly

26 Apr 2011: Douglas Peltier recently submitted info on John Peltier and his descendants... Thanks Douglas...

Amy Pelletier recently sent info on her family and ancestors... Thanks, Amy...

Nicolas Peltier - Revised biography

Benoît Pelletier Shoja has sent us his recently revised biography of Nicolas Peltier, Benoît's pioneer ancestor. Click on the link above to read this definitive biography of the earliest Pelletier to emigrate from France.

On April 25 2009, Art and Christine Pelletier visited La Cristerie, Guillaume Pelletier's ancestral home in Bresolettes, France
Click here to view Art's illustrated narrative... Thanks Art...

Pelletier Chronicles

I recently received and read "Pelletier Chronicles - 500 Years" by Lonnie Pelletier. It is an interesting and entertaining blend of fantasy and fact about his ancestors in the Guillaume lineage.

As Lonnie puts it:

"Part memoir, part history and part evaluation of all that is Canadiana, this is a book that every family can identify with. As a detective of history, the author has presented chronicles that evolve in a manner that show that truth often becomes more interesting than fiction. The reality of ethic and serving, along with related local history, is consistently introduced."

I highly recommend it to anyone in that lineage. If interested, you can visit Lonnie's website at where you can see all of Lonnie's works which includes novels, art, and music

Gigi Pelletier recently did a painting of La Cristerie and has graciously submitted a copy for inclusion on the site...
To view a full page image of her painting, click on the thumbnail below:

La Cristerie Painting

Bill Peltier has submitted an article he wrote for the Journal of the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan in April 2006
It concerns his most recent trip to Gallardon, France, home of the root ancestor, Nicolas Peltier, and the dedication of a plaque to Nicolas...
To view this illustarted article, click here... Thanks again, Bill...

Kathy Sochowicz-Poston has put together a wonderful web-site on the family of Antoine Peltier (1808-1883) at:
I heartily encourage everyone who has an interest in this branch of Pelletier genealogy to visit this significant addition to Pelletier history.

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