10 - Lonnie Paul Pelletier (1943 - )

Parents: Paul Emile Pelletier - Yvonne Marcia Roberts

Born: 7 Jan 1943 - Dawson Creek, BC, Canada

Married: 10 Nov 1973 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Spouse: Audrey Joyce Schmidt (Divorced: Sep 1992)

Christie Anne (1978 - )
Jeffrey Paul (1981 - )

Lon, who graciously supplied the data for this page and for his family and ancestors, lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

To view his imaginative writings, art and music, visit his web-site at LonPelletier.com, where you will find such paintings as the one below that Lon allowed me to add to this page. The description below the painting is Lon's text as found on his web-site.

1641 Sailing To New France
“Caravel cargo ship, displacing between one hundred and three hundred tons, generally rigged with three masts and a bowsprit, lateen sails with frequently used square sails on the foremasts along with the sprit sail. The painting is an approximation of the ship which transported Guillaume, Michelle and Jean Pelletier from France to what is now Canada.”

Lon has written “Pelletier Chronicles - 500 Years”, which he describes on his web-site as:

"Part memoir, part history and part evaluation of all that is Canadiana, this is a book that every family can identify with. As a detective of history, the author has presented chronicles that evolve in a manner that show that truth often becomes more interesting than fiction. The reality of ethic and serving, along with related local history, is consistently introduced."