LOUIS PELLETIER (1713 - 1749)

The following is my loose translation of a portion of Germain Pelletier's presentation at the 4th annual meeting of the "Association des familles Pelletier", September 8, 1990, at Chéribourg, Magog, Québec:

Our ancestor, Louis Pelletier-dit-Sansoucy, is born in 1713 in Poitiers and baptized at Notre-Dame-la Grande Church, in the Poitou region of France. He is the son of François Pelletier and Michelle Coulon.

We do not know the exact date of his arrival in New France, but we do know that he was a soldier of the "Compagnie de Saint-Ours", and we assume that he was stationed at Montreal. What we do know is that he was married at Saints-Anges Church, Lachine, on October 29, 1742, to Marie-Josephe Cécyre, minor daughter of the deceased Joseph Cécyre and the deceased Anne Trottier. Marie-Joseph Cécyre was 20 years old at the time, and Louis was 28. The young couple had signed a marriage contract on October 28, 1742, as witnessed by Messire de Vallière, priest; this contract was submitted to the notary Claude Porlier on January 1743.

The married life of our ancestor was fruitful, at least in one aspect: in seven years of marriage, 5 children are born. Louis dies at the age of 35, on December 10, 1749. He is buried at Montreal under the name "dePelletier", with the notation that he had served as a soldier. Indications are that he had been a shoemaker, and that the couple lived at the Faubourg Saint-Joseph.

At the time of Louis' death, his widow, Marie-Josephe is 27 years old and has 4 young children: the second child, a daughter named Marie-Josephe, died at the age of 6 months on September 29,1745. On May 21, 1751, Marie-Josephe is granted joint custody with her uncle, Joseph Cécyre, of the remaining children. Marie-Josephe remarries on September 6, 1751, at Notre-Dame-de-Montreal. Her new husband, Henry Miclette-dit-Laplume is the son of Henri Miclette and Angélique Senet of Saint-Nicolas-de-Brême, Poitou, France. The groom is also a soldier by trade serving in the Comapgnie-du-Fort-de-Cabana, in Montreal. The couple ultimately moves to Chambly, Quebec.

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