The Virtual Museum of New France, produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, is only one section of its website,

Among the areas covered in The Virtual Museum of New France are:

The First Nations of the New France era

The People of New France   This includes a list of all the types of French settlers with links to expanded information about them.

Les Filles du Roi

      For those of you who can read French, click here to see a plaque about the Filles du Roy in Old Québec City.

Les coureurs des bois

The Seigneurs, a wonderful section which explains the Seigneurs system as it applied to New France. There are two subsections that are of special interest for the descendants of Guillaume Pelletier (1598-1657):

     Portrait of the Seigneur of Beauport, Robert Giffard. Guillaume Pelletier (1598-1657) came to New France under contract to this Seigneur in 1641, and

     Around the Seigneur's Manor House, which is a description of Robert Giffard's manor house. It was here that Jean Pelletier, Guillaume's son, wed his bride, Anne Langlois in 1649.

There are many, many other sections to visit, both in the Virtual Museum of New France, and in the other areas of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

I will note only one other section:

The Explorers, a section devoted to 19 explorers of the New France era.