8 - Nazaire Augustin Pelletier (1836 - 1924)

Parents: Augustin Pelletier - Marie-Anne Bellefleur-dit-Gate (Gatte)

Born: 21 Mar 1836 - St-Basile, NB, Canada
Died: 15 Nov 1924 - Allagash, ME

1 - 7 Jan 1865 -
Spouse: Mary Jane Huges (1845 - aft1870)


2 - aft1871
Spouse: Mary Jane Hafford (20 May 1841 - 3 Mar 1920)

Nazaire Isaie (1880 - 1961)
Mary Jane

Carol V. Pelletier of St-Francis, ME sent the following:

Nizaire Augustin Pelletier s/o Augustin Pelletier and Marie Ann Bellefleur-Gattee(1818)

Mary Hughes d/o Thomas Hughes and Annie Highland
ST. Francois, New Brunswick, Canada
08 Jan 1865

This information I got from the Langois Marriage Records, on page 1737 of the CD.

Also at the ST. Francis Town Ofc. there is a death certificate for one of Nizaire Augustin Pelletier and Mary Jane Hafford's daughter that died.. lists her Father's birth place as Green River, New Brunswick.. that is right near ST. Basile, NB..

Augustin Pelletier s/o Nicolas Pelletier & Genevieve Duplessis-Sirois (1786)
Marie Anne Bellefleur-Gattee d/o Louis Bellefleur- Gattee& Louise Alexandre Parent (1781)
m. ST. Basile, New Brunswick 01 Jun 1818

This record is also in the Langois Marriage Records on page 1695.

As for his marriage to Mary Jane Hafford, I have not found the documentation..but working on it.. He had a large family with her..will send pictures of their grave stones..they are buried at the old ST. Charles Catholic Cemetery..in ST. Francis, Maine.

Mary Hughes, they had one baby and both the mother and child died in child birth, is the story I have always been told..I have not found their grave site. still searching...

Nizaire Augustin and all of his family were Catholic.. Nizaire Augusatin Pelletier also went by the name of Isiah Nizaire Augustin Pelletier

My husband, Clarence Pelletier (1938-1992) and my Father, Lawrence E. Pelletier (1915-2003) were both Catholic and they are both buried at the St. Paul's Congregational Church Cemetery..

My Mom and I belonged to this church and it is right next to our house..
My brother and many of my Grandparents on my Mom's side are buried here..
But this is not uncommon here.. there are more Catholic's buried in this cemetery..
My husband and My Dad both had a Catholic Funeral and then buried here...

Hope this helps...