There are 5 major Pelletier ancestors:

- Nicolas Peltier (1596 - abt 1679)

Nicolas, along with his wife, Jeanne de Voisy, and their 2 children at the time, Jean and François, came from Gallardon, France, to New France (Québec) in 1636. They were the fisrt Pelletier (Peltier) family to come to New World.

Nicolas wrote his last name as “Peltier”, but all his Pelletier descendants used “Pelletier”.

- Guillaume Pelletier (1598 - 1657)

Guillaume, along with his wife, Michelle Mabille, his son Jean, and his younger bachelor brother Antoine, left Tourouvre, France, in the Spring of 1641, to come to New France (Québec). They were under contract to the “Seigneur” of Beauport, Robert Giffard (see Guillaume's biography listed below).

Guillaume's descendancy is the largest Pelletier descendancy in North America.

- François Pelletier (abt 1658- 1711)

François came from Courçon, in the Aunis region of France to New France (Québec) in 1666(??). Not much else is known of him and his descendancy. You can find some information on the Pelletier Family Association website at: François Pelletier.

- Pierre Pelletier (1634 - 1694)

Pierre came to New France (Québec) from St-Martin-de-Fraigneau, Poitou region of France in 1668.

- Louis Pelletier (1713 - 1749)

Louis came as a soldier from Poitiers in the Poitou region of France to New France (Québec) before 1742.