PIERRE PELLETIER (1634 - 1694)

The following is my loose translation of part of Jean-Denis Pelletier's article L'ancêtre PIERRE Pelletier (1634 - 1694) which appeared in La Pelleterie, Volume 5, No.1, Winter 1991:

The warm season, favorable to navigation, transported more than one Pelletier to the shores of New France. From 1636 to 1757, at least a dozen arrived: Antoine, François, Georges, Guillaume, Jea, Léonard, Louis, Mathurin, Nicolas, Pierre, René and Michel left Perche, Beauce, Aunis, Franche-Comté, Poitou, Orléanais, and Normandy.

Among all these Pelletiers, most of whom came from the western region of France, one, Pierre, left from the Port of La Rochelle in the late 1650s to immigrate to New France.

Pierre Pelletier is the son of Jean Pelletier and Andrée Pommereau. He is born on August 24, 1634 in Saint-Martin-de-Fraigneau in the diocese of Maillezais in Poitou. (translator's note: Poitou is one of the ancient provinces of France, on the west coast, south of Brittany, which includes the port of La Rochelle.)

Below are a series of photos taken recently (circa 2002) in and around St-Martin-de-Fraigneau. They have been graciously provided by one of Pierre's descendants and premier researcher on Pierre and his family, Pascal Pelletier, of St-Amable, QC, Canada. Pascal is also a former webmaster for the Pelletier Family Association web-site.


In the 1666 New France census, Pierre is listed as a servant in the employ of the "sieur" Noël Jérémie at Île Patience. The "sieur" Noël Jérémie married Jeanne Pelletier, daughter of another Pelletier ancestor, Nicolas Pelletier, in Québec City, on January 29, 1659.

On the eve of his wedding, December 9, 1671, Pierre acquired the land in New France on which he was to live with his new spouse, Françoise Trochet, from Denis Joseph Ruette d'Auteuil.

This land grant, in Neuville, was made up of 2 French acres (translator's note: 1 French acre equals approximately 1.25 English acres) along the St-Lawrence River by forty French acres deep for which Pierre paid 150 French pounds in a series of installments. In addition, Pierre was to pay the "sieur" d'Auteuil a certain sum of money plus two live capons annually. The contract also required that he build a home on the land within the year.


On December 10, 1671 (marriage contract signed in the presence of the notary Romain Becquet), Pierre marries Françoise Trochet-dit-Richard at St-François-de-Sales de Neuville. She is a "Fille du Roy", born in 1641, from St-Aignan, Grivennes township, diocese of Amiens, Picardie province, France. She is the widow of François Matoret, master barrel maker, who died in France. Her dowery consists of 350 French pounds, 50 of which she received from the King of France as a "Fille du Roy", and the other 300 French pounds probably from the estate of her late husband. She lives until 1706.


Pierre and Françoise have two children:

     -Pierre, born in Neuville on August 3, 1672,
             is buried in l'Assomption on February 1, 1740, and 
     -Noël, born in Neuville on December 5, 1675,
             is buried in Neuville on May 23, 1748.

Pierre dies in Neuville on December 30, 1694 and is buried the next day. His wife Françoise outlives him by 12 years, and is buried at his side in Neuville on May 15, 1706.

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