12 - Robert Dale Pelletier (1969 - )

Parents: Clarence Pelletier - Carol Virginia Pelletier

Born: 28 Feb 1969 - Fort Kent, ME

Married: 23 Aug 2003 - Fort Kent, ME
Spouse: Tina Lisa Marie Lagasse (14 Apr 1975 - )

Sadie Faith (2005 - )

The following was submitted by Carol Virginia Pelletier, Robert's mother:

Robert graduated from Fort Kent High School in 1987.

He worked as a carpenter in Brunswick and Cape Cod, MA.

He returned to Fort Kent to attend college and start his own construction business.

Robert has built many fine homes in the area, as well as remodeling and other major building projects.

Bob is a member of the Fort Kent Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus and enjoys traveling, camping, fishing, boating and snowmobiling.