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-Data, comments, and corrections from others interested in the Pelletier Genealogy, some of whom are listed here:

-Claude E. Pelletier at - former official genealogist of the Association des Familles Pelletier - author of genealogy data (mostly marriages) on the major Pelletier ancestors - without Claude's data this site would be bare...

-Michael LaForest at - data on Guillaume's and Nicolas' descendants who migrated to the Detroit area - from Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region 1701-1911 Rev Fr Christian Denissen, published by the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research

-Ann Bershaw at - data from Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière, QC, Canada

-Donna Walt Nightingale at extensive data on Nicolas Pelletier and the Antayas as well as a wealth of genealogy information and links

-Jack Peltier at - much data on Guillaume's descendants who migrated to southwestern Ontario. Jack has asked that credit be also given to Joyce Tremblay at and to Dave Tremblay at keisha@MNS1.Net. Both are very knowledgeable on the French families of southwest Ontario and are excellent resources.

-William (Bill) Peltier at - extensive information on the Peltier and Antaya families in Nicolas' line... and text and pictures from his visit to Gallardon in 1999...

-Sandra Lynn Pelletier at - data on Guillaume's descendants in the midwest USA

-Beth D.Podol at - lots of data on Pierre's descendants

-Tracey Lea Daly at - data on Ludger Pelletier (one of Guillaume's descendants) and his descendants

-Gloria Carr at - data on her mother Thérèse Lauretta Pelletier and her ancestry to Pierre Pelletier

-Rosa Urdal at - data on herself and her ancestry in the Guillaume Pelletier line

-Kathy Poston - Peltier Family web-site at

-Cathy Andrews-Newman - has an extensive descendants chart for Guillaume Pelletier at Quest for Cousins...and other assorted Kin, replete with a tremendous amount of information on many individuals in the list

-Personal Research - mainly on my immediate family