Tractorcade and Other Unexpected Surprises

One of the hazards of traveling the back roads in any country is having car trouble without a service station in sight. Starting out on our trip to Orleans we had a flat tire before we got on the interstate road. After reading the directions on how to change the tire, I did it with the speed of a race car mechanic. Then we went to a very large shopping center, about 10 kilometers from Gallardon driving on back roads, that had an auto repair service station and I ended up having to buy a new tire. We discovered that our car insurance did not cover replacing flat tires. Also, much to our surprise there was a McDonald's in this shopping center. We decided that after almost 7 days of fine French dining we would see if the menu at McDonald's was similar to that in the United States. Pretty poor excuse, we know, anyway it was time for a hamburger fix. Next door to McDonald's was a real mega-store that was similar to a Wal-Mart, only this store also had a large selection of groceries, pastries, wines, etc. We wandered all around and we were very impressed with all of the selections. My wife could hardly get me away from the French pastries.

Surprise McDonalds
Bill and one of life's unpleasant surprises
The U.S. influence in France - near Gallardon