The Tower

The Tower is located about three blocks from the church. It was fenced in with a lock on the gate to keep people from climbing on the rocks. Looking at the Tower you can understand the main purpose of the fence was for safety. You can only wonder just how the remnants of the Tower are able to stay upright. The Tower or Shoulder of Gallardon is the last vestige of a formidable 12th century castle which was sacked and destroyed in 1443. This underlines what a strategically important place GALLARDON must have been from the 12th century up until the end of the 100 Years War (1338-1453). With its castle keep and its five gates leading to a fortified enclosure, the town presented a first-class defense position. It was reported in a historical reference that the Tower was destroyed in 1421 when Gallardon was besieged by the future king Charles VII when he was Dauphin.

Gallardon Tower and Church
Gallardon Tower with St-Peter-and-St-Paul Church