To date, we have 4 visits to ancestral France...

Beginning with the most recent:

-Art Pelletier and his wife Christine visited Tourouvre and Bresolettes on April 25th 2009. They visited La Cristerie where they met Jacqueline Pelletier Gaudet. This visit with Jacqueline at La Cristerie may well be one of the last, since Jacqueline is leaving Guillaume Pelletier's ancestral home in late May 2009.

Click on Art's photo of himself at La Cristerie to view his illustrated narrative:

-William (Bill) Peltier III, along with members of his family, other Nicolas Peltier descendants, and a representative of the Association des familles Pelletier, Inc. went to Gallardon in July 2005, to participate in the dedication of a memorial plaque to Nicolas by the city of Gallardon...

In April 2006, the Journal of the French-Candian Heritage Society of Michigan published an article entitled “A Salute to Nicolas Peltier”, co-authored by Bill and Benoit Pelletier-Shoja, another Nicolas Peltier descendant... The article describes the events leading up to and including the dedication ceremony and other festivities surrounding the events of Bastille Day, July 14, 2005...

Click on the photo of the memorial plaque below to read the article and view photos submitted by Bill:

-William (Bill) Peltier III and his wife, Dorothy, visited the Gallardon, France area in March, 1999... Gallardon is the ancestral home of Nicolas Pelletier, the first Pelletier known to have emigrated from France, in 1636... to join Bill and Dorothy on their visit, click on the Gallardon Tower below:

Gallardon Tower

-With my wife Francoise and friends, Sam and Carol Marsella, I visited Tourouvre and Bresolettes in September, 1998... Bresolettes is the ancestral home of Guillaume Pelletier, who came to New France in 1641... Tourouvre is the home of his wife, Michelle Mabille, and is where the two were married and lived until their departure... to join us on our visit, click on the photo of Guillaume's ancestral home, La Cristerie, below, which still stands today:

La Cristerie